Two medals from IOI 2019

The 31st International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI 2019) took place in the Land of Fire – Azerbaijan, in the capital city of Baku, from August 4-th to August 11-th. At this Olympiad, the Macedonian pupils extended the tradition of outstanding performance over the past 10 years, by achieving yet another great success. The Macedonian team at this world's most prestigious annual high school programming competition, consisting of the contestants Martin Dinev, Andrej Velichkovski, Blagojche Pavleski and Andrej Shekerov, and led by the leaders Bojan Kostadinov and Emil Stankov, won two bronze medals.

This year, a total of 327 pupils from 88 countries around the world participated at IOI. In this extremely strong competition, the two bronze medals for Macedonia were won by Andrej Velichkovski and Andrej Shekerov. It should be noted that the other two of our competitors also achieved remarkable results, with Martin Dinev being very close to winning a bronze medal - only two points separated him from this outstanding achievement (out of the possible 600 points in the competition).

The next, 32nd in a row, International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI 2020), will be held next year in Singapore.