Gold medal at BOI 2021

At the 28th Balkan Olympiad in Informatics (BOI 2021), which took place in Shumen, Bulgaria, the Macedonian high-school students achieved the best result in the (almost) 30 year tradition of this competition. The Macedonian team at this prestigious competition in algorithmic programming, which included the students Blagojche Pavleski, Marko Tanevski, Andrej Shekerov and Teo Kitanovski, led by Emil Stankov and Martin Dinev from the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering (FCSE), won one gold and one silver medal.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, BOI 2021 took place online, and included 37 of the best high-school students in the area of computer science, which were selected by national competitions in informatics in the following countries: Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Macedonia, Moldova, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia. The historic gold medal for Macedonia was won by Blagojche Pavleski, a student from Prilep. The student Marko Tanevski, also from Prilep, won a silver medal. This success was made even better by the result of Andrej Shekerov (from Skopje), who won an honorable mention.

The pupils from the team were selected through a year-long cycle of competitions, which is regularly organized by the Computer Society of Macedonia (CSM). The competitions are held through the system which is available online throughout the year for all interested competitors.