Two bronze medals at BOI 2016

The Macedonian high school students achieved yet another great result at the 24th Balkan Olympiad in Informatics (BOI), held from June 27th till July 2nd 2016, in Nicosia, Cyprus. The Macedonian team, consisting of Vladimir Maksimovski, Dimitar Bajraktarov, Filip Mihov and Marko Kjalasan, as contestants, as well as Emil Stankov and Marija Mihova from the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering (FCSE) in Skopje, as team leaders, has won two bronze medals.

This result represents an extension of the continuity of successful representations of Macedonia at the international Olympiads in informatics in the last few years and yet another proof of the knowledge and skills that our students possess in the area of computer science.

The Balkan Olympiad in Informatics is an annual event in which teams of 4 contestants from each of the 12 participating countries compete. For the last 3 years, this Balkan organization has been led by Mile Jovanov, professor at FCSE in Skopje. A total of 41 of the best high school students in the area of computer science participated at this year’s BOI, having been selected through the annual national programming competitions in the following countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia. In such a strong competition, bronze medal winners for Macedonia were Vladimir Maksimovski, student at PSU “Yahya Kemal” – Skopje, and Dimitar Bajraktarov, student at SOU “Jane Sandanski” – Strumica. We should note that Maksimovski was very close to winning a silver medal, and beside Bajraktarov, the other two students also achieved solid results.

The Macedonian team was selected through a year-long competition cycle organized by the Computer Society of Macedonia, with the support of the Agency of youth and sport of Macedonia, the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering in Skopje, as well as the socially responsible companies Doxteam and Semos Education. All the competitions in the national contest cycle are organized using the MENDO contest management system (, which is available throughout the whole year for all interested contestants.

The next, 25th Balkan Olympiad in Informatics (BOI 2017) will be held next year in Moldova. However, the Macedonian team faces another big challenge this year: the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI 2016), to be held in Kazan, Russia, in August.