Three medals from IOI 2020

After the juniors, who won a bronze medal at the recently held 4th European Junior Olympiad in Informatics (EJOI 2020), the long-standing continuity of successful performances of the Macedonian pupils at international competitions in informatics was extended by the seniors - high school students. At the 32nd International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI 2020), which was held in the form of an online competition from September 13th to 23rd, the Macedonian team, composed of the contestants Blagojche Pavleski, Andrej Velichkovski, Andrej Sekerov and Teo Kitanovski, led by the leaders, Emil Stankov and Bojana Koteska from the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering (FCSE), won three bronze medals. With this achievement, our young students once again proved that Macedonia should be proud of them... (continues)

Bronze medal at EJOI 2020

The Macedonian pupils continue with successful appearances at the international junior competitions in informatics (for pupils up to 15.5 years of age). At the 4th European Junior Olympiad in Informatics (EJOI 2020), which from September 2-nd to 6-th was held in the form of an online competition, the Macedonian team, consisting of the competitors Sara Stefanovska from Kriva Palanka, Atina Ruvinova from Ohrid, Jan Stojanovski from Skopje, Ivan Jovanoski from Prilep, and as an unofficial competitor – Eva Dimitrievska from Kumanovo, led by the leaders, Mile Jovanov and Emil Stankov from the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering (FCSE), won a bronze medal. .. (continues)

Competitions in informatics 2020

Similarly to previous years, the Computer Society of Macedonia will organize a set of competitions in informatics in 2020. All the key details about the events, including the structure and schedule, can be found on the Society's official website. With regards to programming in all categories, the events will be conducted through the system MENDO... (continues)

New medals from BOI 2019

The Macedonian pupils have completed yet another successful year at the international competitions in informatics. At the last international competition for this year, the 27th Balkan Olympiad in Informatics (BOI 2019), which was held in Athens, Greece, from September 9th to 14th, our students achieved another great success, by winning 1 silver and 2 bronze medals... (continues)

Silver medal at JBOI 2019

The Macedonian students, together with their long-standing leaders, continue to perform well at all international competitions in informatics. Following the success of the high school students at the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) in Baku earlier this month, when they brought home two bronze medals, Macedonia's continued success at the informatics Olympiads in the past ten years has been extended by the juniors – pupils up to 15.5 years of age. .. (continues)